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Media passes will be available for pick up at the ticket booth at the main entrance.

By completing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to a legal binding contract with Tuner Evo.

Media may enter the event 2 hours prior to shoot the areas before the crowd comes in. All-access media passes will have partial access to the main stage for pictures or video of crowd, speakers performers, etc (All-access passes will be limited and selected by Tuner Evo officials). Media is to make their presence on the stage quick and in no way draw attention to themselves or away from the speaker, performer or event happening on stage during the show.

Media is encouraged to tell a story of the entire show. Please photograph EVERY aspect of the show, including sponsors, vendors, and spectators in lines.

If using our event coverage for any other kind of advertising (ex. meets, future shows), Tuner Evo is to be given credit for the photo or to be tagged in the advertisement. You agree not to use any photos taken during the show in a negative fashion, or in any other way that could result in the defamation of Tuner Evo's character.

You agree to provide digital copies of any and all photographs taken during the show to Tuner Evo officials, if they are requested. Failure to comply with any of the above terms is considered Breach of Contract and may result in legal action and/or you may be banned from any and all future Tuner Evo events.

For any media-related questions, please contact us at