Q Is there an age limit for your events?

A No. Our events are family friendly and we welcome competitors and spectators of all ages!

Q Can I park with my team or my friends?

A Yes, you can park with friends/teams but you must roll-in together. There will be no "spot saving". If you're not together with your group during roll-in, you will not be able to park together.

Q What do I need to bring with me to get into an event?

A If you're showing a vehicle, our check-in process is handled 100% electronically. We use a smartphone app that will have all of your information and even images of your vehicle so all you really need to do is show up and tell us who you are or present the QR code you received in your approval email. For Tuner Evolution spectators, if you purchased your tickets ahead of time, you will need to bring them with you in order to get into the event. Tickets will also be available for purchase at the main entrance on the day of the event.

Q Are pets allowed at the event?

A Pets are allowed at Panda Junction since it's an outdoor event, but they are not allowed at any of our indoor events.

Q Will alcohol be sold at the event?

A Beer will be sold at Tuner Evolution: Philly, Daytona and Charlotte, but not at Panda Junction. Hard liquor will not be sold at any of our events.

Q Will food be sold at the event?

A Yes, concession stands providing food and drinks will be open at all events.